Hi, I’m a Mosquito Magnet

It is hard trying to come up with ideas of what to actually put in my first travel blog post.


Until the other morning.


I knew I was bitten by mosquitoes the night before, but I had no idea it would be this bad.  Mosquitoes have always loved me, but in my 19.5 years of traveling to and living in many mosquito-infested places, I have never had this many bites at once.  Let alone this many bites all occur in the same night.  It does look pretty gross, but it is kind of crazy and amazing what my legs looked like:

© holisuitcases
Funnily enough, I left my malaria pills at our house in Zambia. Thankfully, my parents had enough malaria pills for the four of us, plus extra!
© holisuitcases
The pictures do not even do the damage justice










These pictures were taken a few days ago. I am proud to announce that my 150+ mosquito bites are healing really well thanks to  fresh and pure aloe gel (straight from the plant, actually!), staying out of the sun, keeping cool (a.k.a. trying not to sweat), and I am sure the ocean air has played a important role, too.

I am currently on the second leg of our family vacation in Tanzania; we started out on safari through Northern Tanzania for 10 days and then we have to “wash off the dust”, as my dad jokes, on the beach in Zanzibar- a Tanzanian island.  We started our family vacation adventure at the beginning of July and arrived in Zanzibar just over a week ago.  We have about a week and half left here in what I have deemed, “Paradise Mansion”, a house my dad rented for our three week-stay and it is right on the beach!


Current location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Some pleasant and pretty pictures of our adventures to come in another post.

Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, post ideas, or questions below!