Disneyland Tokyo

I love everything Disney so of course, one of the things I was excited to experience the most in Tokyo, was Disneyland. One of my friends I met during my first week in Seoul travelled to Japan for a couple weeks before flying to South Korea and she told me about Disneyland Tokyo. She told me, besides the fact that it is Disney so it is fun for any Disney lover, how interesting it was that they focused on different movies and characters than the Disney’s in the U.S.


  • Ticket type: Starlight Pass (access after 3pm)
  • Cost: 5,400 JPY/ $45
  • Date visited: Monday, September 28th, 2015

When I visited, the start of Halloween festivities had just begun, so the entrance was all decked out before I even got into the actual park.

Disneyland Tokyo (2)

Once I walked through, the view was incredible!

Disneyland Tokyo (3) Disneyland Tokyo (5)

I have not been to a Disney park since the summer of 2012, so I do not quite remember what the initial view is like at Walt Disney World Orland, Florida, for example.

The initial view at Disneyland Tokyo got even better at night when I was leaving—everything all lit up was gorgeous!

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To the castle!

Disneyland Tokyo (12)

Obligatory selfies with the castle

Disneyland Tokyo (4) Disneyland Tokyo (6)

I wandered around the park looking for Fantasy Land, which is my most favorite area of the park in Disney World (Orlando). So obviously, I had the most trouble finding it in Tokyo. I did however hang out in the French Quarter for a while, which was pretty and filled with lots of entertainment.

Disneyland Tokyo (7) Disneyland Tokyo (10)

I realized along my wanderings, that Disneyland Tokyo must be known for the various types of popcorn they have spread around at different carts around the park. So I stopped for the one I thought was most unique for Japan

Disneyland Tokyo (11)

Soy sauce and butter

I found my way into Adventure Land. The ride lines were crazy long though, so I skipped out on those. Plus, if you have been on Splash Mountain, you know it is a lot of fun, but the story leading up to the fun part is kind of really creepy.

I found some more food though.

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Minnie Mouse steamed bun with sweet potato in the ears and chestnut in the big circle. It was absolutely delicious, but surprisingly super sweet! I had never had chestnut so I did not know it would be so sweet.

I kept wandering, because I had to make it to Fantasy Land and I really wanted to buy some cute princess-style Minnie Mouse ears or even better, a tiara. Everyone was dressed up in some sort of way. Some of the dressing up may have been in part due to the Halloween festivities beginning, but most people that walked past me had some sort of Disney/Disney character hat or headband on. There were people, and couples (!), in matching outfits, fun makeup…everyone was so festive I felt so left out.

I finally found Fantasy Land and headed straight to the gift shops. No matter how many shops I went into, I could not find any tiaras or crowns or many princess-related things at all. You could definitely say I was extremely shocked at the lack of princess stuff and also sad. Definitely sad.

BUT I did find an entire gift shop dedicated to Stitch and he is one of my favorite non-princess characters. So I bought an adorable Stitch beanie! My outer fairy princess let my inner stitch run around for the afternoon and it was a great decision.

I grabbed some food in the space-area of Disney at a place that looked similar to one of the main fast-food restaurants at Disney World (Orlando). I bought some chicken nuggets and a salad in a cup. And yay the chicken nuggets were Mickey shaped!

Disneyland Tokyo (13)

Ft. the Stitch beanie

I tried looking for some sort of anything Disney that said Disneyland Tokyo on it for one of my close friends who works at Disney. HARDEST THING. At Disney World (Orlando), you basically cannot get anything without “Walt Disney World Orlando” written somewhere, if not all over it. I ended up buying a Halloween shot glass, because on the back it said “Disneyland Tokyo” and I am an adult.

I grabbed a Mickey tiramisu ice cream sandwich to top-off the night, since the candy stores were nothing like the candy stores in Disney World (Orlando)(Western-style, pick what you want, put it in a bag, weigh the bag, and pay). The ice cream sandwich was absolutely delicious.

And then I said goodnight to Disneyland Tokyo after an afternoon filled with a huge continuous smile.

Disneyland Tokyo (14)

Final thoughts:

  • Never going to a Disney park anywhere without wearing or being dressed up as some sort of character, because it is way too much fun and way too adorable to pass up
  • If some of your absolute favorite Disney movies are Toy Story, Monsters Inc./Monsters University, Frozen, and Lilo & Stitch, you will be overwhelmed with Disney love
  • I can count the number of tourists I saw on one hand
  • I do not know if this is true of any other Disney parks, but there was a restaurant INSIDE the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride

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  • It is still Japan so there are not a ton of trash bins around
  • It is overall cheaper than Disney in the U.S.—the food, the drinks, the snacks, the everything!
  • Just go. You will love it.

Disneyland Tokyo (15)

Goodnight, Disney :*

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“Holi Suitcases, Hannah! You did what last weekend?!”

This past weekend was a 4-day weekend thanks to 추석 (pronounced chuseok) holidays.  추석 is Korean Thanksgiving where historically, families get together and honor their ancestors while spending time together.

So of course, give Hannah a long weekend, and she will travel—I learnt from the best (thank you Mom and Dad 🙂 ).

I went to Tokyo, Japan! And yes, I went all by myself. And no, I cannot speak Japanese. And yes, I had an incredible trip and I will definitely be returning to explore more of Japan.

I rented an Airbnb apartment for only $26/night, 25 minutes out of Shinjuku, which is a major transit center in Tokyo for trains, the subway, and buses. I had the tiny little apartment all to myself and it was absolutely perfect—quiet, safe area, and the perfect size for one persons short stay. Be sure to check out the apartment I rented using the link I list at the bottom of the blog post.

So what did I get up to?

Friday was not terribly exciting, because I basically travelled all day. Although, it was so nice to get a fabulous full-nights rest that night so that I could wake up early on Saturday  to tackle the day.

On Saturday, I travelled about two hours away to an area called Kawagoe. I wandered around the area, which has been preserved and reconstructed to look very similar to a more “traditional” or “pre-modern” Tokyo.

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© HoliSuitcases

© HoliSuitcases

That night, I wanted to go to Tokyo City View, but thanks to my phone dying as well as the new external battery charger I bought, I was unable to find it. It was nice to see a different area of Tokyo though.

Sunday was a big day so I went to bed fairly early again on Saturday. On Sunday, I travelled to Sensō-ji Temple, which is Tokyo’s oldest temple and also a major tourist attraction. The only place I really ran into tourists was at Sensō-ji Temple and I saw a few on Saturday in Kawagoe.

Senso-jiTemple (2)

Senso-jiTemple (6)

The grounds were beautiful, but there were so many tourists. Although, I found out I loved the photographing the masses of people visiting the ancient Temple.  The contrast fascinates me.

Senso-jiTemple (3) Senso-jiTemple (4)

I spent time wandering around the area the temple is located in as there are a lot of street food stalls and cute little shops, as would be expected in an area frequented by tourists.

Senso-jiTemple (5)

I travelled home quickly to leave my big camera behind and grab my ticket and headed to Disneyland Toyko! I LOVE DISNEY. Everything Disney is my favorite, so you could say I was slightly excited.

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I’m probably going to do an entire post about Disneyland Tokyo, so I will not say anymore about it here.

Monday was my last full day in Tokyo so I decided to, kind of accidentally, sleep-in a little bit and then take it easy wandering around the famed shopping areas of Tokyo. The one I tackled first was Shibuya, which was really hard to navigate. Luckily my phone had not died yet.

Shibuya (1)

Shibuya (2)

I stopped at this restaurant for lunch (highly recommend it!).

Shibuya (3)

You choose what you would like outside the restaurant from the vending machine, insert your money, and then receive a ticket.  You then take the ticket into the restaurant and hand it to one of the cooks.

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Ta-da!  They make it all fresh and serve it to you nice and hot.  I ordered steaming hot rice and fresh and hot tonkatsu トンカツ (breaded pork cutlet), that they then crack a raw egg over.  The raw egg cooks a little bit, because of how hot the food is. Hands down one of my favorite meals I have ever had!

My phone had died by the time I headed to find an owl café I had been really excited to go to in Akihabara. Akihabara was, let’s just say, not my style.  Since my phone had died and I could not for the life of me find the café, I left quite promptly.

Not before I nabbed a couple pictures, of course.

Akihabara (1)

On my way home that night, I headed to explore Harajuku a little bit. When I go back to Tokyo, I will definitely have to explore Harajuku better! The stores were so interesting and I loved people watching. People watching in Tokyo was something else in general- I loved it.

Harajuku (2) Harajuku (1)

Did I mention I saw a sumo wrestler on the train one morning? It was pretty cool…it is the little things after all.

All in all, I loved Tokyo! I also discovered that I really do not mind traveling alone. I cannot wait to go back and explore Japan some more one day. I must admit, I am also pretty excited to travel solo again.

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