Countdown Begins

Seven weeks and counting.

Crazy to think my semester abroad is almost over and even crazier to think I almost gave up studying abroad for a semester.  Get ready for a long-winded blog post when I move out of the dorms in December.

Things I already know I am going to miss:

  1. Banana milk
  2. 떡볶이 Tteokbokki- snack streetfood made of rice cakes in spicy chili sauce
  3. All street food- so convenient and extremely delicious
  4. Korean BBQ
  5. The fact that convenience stores are actually convenient and are open 24/7
  6. Chopsticks for every meal, although rest-assured I bought a Frozen-themed metal set
  7. All the glutinous donuts- glutinous rice donuts with red bean filling, glutinous rice donuts with cream cheese filling, glutinous sweet potato donuts…the list never ends!
  8. The public transportation system


Things I am looking forward to going “home” to (wherever that is, I know. I cannot keep up either):

  1. Cheetos- give me crunchy or give me puffy…I want them all!
  2. Dill pickles- you can find sweet pickles here, but that is about it.  They are served as a relish side dish when you order “Western food”, which is not always Western
  3. Not getting looked at funny when I ask for more than one small packet of ketchup to use with an entire meal
  4. Affordable fruits and vegetables
  5. Target, ‘nough said

There are things I miss from every country I have visited, but any place I have spent more than one or two weeks in- it is so much worse.

So many pieces of my heart have been left scattered around the world, I did not know I had this many pieces.


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