Hello November

It’s November, it’s November!  That means my two favorite holidays are coming up and I cannot wait.

The first one is Thanksgiving.  Although, I will still be studying abroad here in Seoul, so I will not have the grand Thanksgiving dinner I love and the family time I can never get enough of.  Guess we will find out how I celebrate?  I do not have any ideas yet either, but I know I will still be thankful for so, so many things as well as be sure to tell my family I miss and love them.

The second holiday may be my favorite…CHRISTMAS!  You can be sure that since it is officially November, that Christmas music will constantly be playing in my room.  Yes, I am that person.  I absolutely adore everything about Christmas and every year I spend it with my parents and my brother, and I would not want it any other way.  Whether we go on a vacation over Christmas, or we are sitting in our living room with our hot chocolate or tea in hand, with our stockings, our collectively decorated tree, and our traditional Christmas tunes- it is still my favorite.

I am thinking of writing a few blog posts leading up to Christmas telling stories from different places we have spent Christmas.  So, because I am so excited and cannot stand it, here are some photos from Christmas vacations past:

Can you guess where I will be spending Christmas this year?


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