Jeonju Hanok Stay Review

When in Korea, you have to stay in a traditional hanok at least once. My friend and I took a girls weekend trip to Jeonju (first Jeonju blog post will be linked below), a city known for being saturated in traditional Korean culture, we took advantage of the abundance of hanok stays.

We stayed at the Taejomaru Hanok Stay 태조마루

Hanok Stay (6)
You can see this sign in the side road, clearly from the big road

At ₩130,000 ($111.69) for two nights in a traditional hanok Korean double room, it ended up at ₩65,000 ($55.86) per person for two nights- that’s only ₩32,500 ($27.93) per person, per night! For a one-time experience here in Korea, we couldn’t say no.

Our hanok stay is located just outside the Jeonju traditional hanok village: great location. The hanok stay is down a smaller road, but the sign is easy to spot from the main road if you’re looking down the side roads.

Next to our hanok stay, was a larger, assumably much more pricey hanok stay. In comparison, I would say our hanok stay had a smaller number of rooms, but it means it was quieter.

Our hanok stay grounds were beautiful! Especially, because we were there in the fall, the colors were so vibrant. There’s even a little pond with a few fish in it.

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You have to leave your shoes outside of your room in order to keep the floors clean. Our room was small, but for two people and a short stay, it was all we needed. We had our own private bathroom attached to our room, which you would not get at most hostels.

Hanok Stay (2)

Because it was fall, our floors were heated at night. The bed is a traditional Korean-style bed, which means the heat from the floor can be felt through the bed. Unfortunately, being someone who has gotten accustom to cold winters and grew up in with AC, I found the heating overwhelming at night.

Although, I must say we were able to comfortably leave our doors open (at night with the screens pulled to keep the mosquitoes out) while we were in the room, which helped cool down the room.

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No meals were included, but most other amenities were included: sheets, pillows, towels (what as a Westerner I would call hand towel sized, which is commonly used as a body towel here in Korea), shampoo, and body wash.

Overall, it was a great experience. Fantastic location with a lot great restaurants and cafés, the Gyeonggijeon Shrine (경기전), the Jeonju hanok village, and the Cathédrale Jeonju, all within close walking distance.

Location- 9/10

Cleanliness- 10/10

Amenities- 8/10

Staff- 7.5/10

We had to call the hanok stay phone number as no one answered when we loudly said ‘hello’ in both English and Korean. There was not much interaction with the staff, which is fine; the language gap definitely affected that, although they spoke enough English and we (pretty much my friend, not me) spoke enough Korean.

Would definitely recommend for a budget hanok stay!


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Taejomaru Hanok Stay 태조마루: and





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