You Are Here Café

Ever heard of EatYourKimchi? I knew it, of course you have. When in Seoul, you obviously have to visit their and TalkToMeInKorean‘s, café.

Located in Hongdae, the café was pretty easy to find using directions found online. A friend and I went before class on an early, rainy Monday morning. The café was quiet, and we were the only two people in the café for most of our time there.

The café was warm and welcoming, brightly colored, and filled with fun decorations.

YAHC (1)

The barista was friendly and only spoke to us in Korean, although clearly understood English.  Designed as a café for language and cultural exchange, my friend and I presumed the barista was instructed to only speak in Korean so that we were forced to practice ours. Which is pretty cool, actually!

Having heard a lot about the milkshakes, I opted for the espresso milkshake- coffee and a milkshake all in one? Yes please!

YAHC (2)

We headed upstairs to enjoy our drinks. My milkshake was thick, creamy, and definitely full of espresso. Would 10/10 recommend getting one of their milkshakes!

The café was so quirky and fun, I could not help, but photograph it from pretty much every angle.

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After wandering around looking at everything upstairs, we decided to head down to the famous ‘Speaker’s Corner’. Check out their Youtube channel for more information about what it’s all about!

YAHC (12)

It was a short, but sweet visit. We might even return for one of their language exchange nights that seem to be normally scheduled to occur multiple times a week.

The You Are Here Café is a unique experience, that makes you feel comfortable and quite at home. Plus their drinks are great, and I’ve only heard good things about their food! Nothing negative to say here.


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