Hi there, my name is Hannah – a 20 year old college student recently filled with a lot surprises, new directions, and the constant, boundless desire to experience the world and it’s cultures.

Now, at this point you would probably expect me to tell you where I am from. Differently then most people, this question is really complicated, confusing, and somewhat of a sensitive topic for me.  In the beginning, traveling was never something I chose, but was born into; I was the child who flew long before they could crawl.

Both of my parents were born and grew up in the United States, but met working in different career tracks overseas.  I was born in the Czech Republic.  From then on until I graduated high school, I lived in six countries, because of my Dad’s job, and now I go to college in the U.S.  So really, they cannot blame me for my incessant need to travel, you see.

I started this blog, because travel has been one of the few constants in my life (ha. ironic isn’t?).  I have always gotten a lot of questions and comments about my life from interest, to misunderstanding, and even to jealousy.  This is my normal, so everyone else’s life seems different to me, too.  I am still trying to piece my life and experiences together, but I can tell you one thing about it with infinite certainty – I would never change the way I grew up, for the world.

I hope you stick around a while!  It is nice to meet you.

Current location: South Korea

Next stop: Christmas vacation with the family in……..


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